Stihl Online Policy

“The Servicing Dealer is the exclusive authorised distribution channel for STIHL, allowing all customers to receive the appropriate direct personal advice on STIHL products and no other sales channels are supported by the company (e.g. mail order, internet, etc.) Safety advice, guidance and customer service are all indispensable elements when it comes to selling high-quality, sophisticated STIHL products. That is why direct personal contact between the Servicing Dealer and the customer is mandatory and we expect our Servicing Dealers to comply with their obligation to always provide customers with proper advice, guidance and pre-delivery inspection.”

LAWNMOWER RANCH is dedicated to uphold this policy and request that you visit us in store for the best advice on which product is best suited for your needs. We demonstrate and advise on the correct starting procedure and or safety guidelines to make your buying experience as informative as possible. As an Authorised Stihl Dealer, we offer service and maintenance on all the products we sell. Therefore, we are unable to ship machines via courier or other means of distribution. Despite the restrictions of Stihl’s policy, we would like to make it as easy as possible for you to buy Stihl machinery. All other products can be shipped to your address in the leisure of your home or office. Should we need to cancel your Stihl machine order, we reserve the right to deduct fees incurred on our side like Bank Fees/Commissions etc. You will receive notifications regarding all online purchases.